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Large box - chocolate selections

32 chocolates (cc. 250 grams)
40 chocolates (cc. 312 grams)
50 chocolates (cc. 390 grams)

10.850 HUF
12.880 HUF
15.990 HUF


Size: 15 by 15 cm. Uniquely made, two-level box folded from hard, ornate paper, illustrated with a cocoa bean. Held together with a paper band showing the workshop’s logo in gold. Our customers also like the masculine black box-black band combination.

Nagy doboz

Exclusive selection

16 chocolates (cc. 130 grams).
It is possible to affix to it a logo.

5.590 HUF

Size: 8 by 27 cm. Uniquely made matchbox-type folded from hard, ornate paper. Closed with stickers at both ends. Fits especially well next to a bottle of wine.

Exlkuzív doboz

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Tiny box and bands

Size: 8 by 8 cm. Uniquely made box folded from hard, ornate paper. Closed with sticker. Aviable band colours: orange, black, decorated wide black, sand colour, golden, kitty, old gold colour.

Wide decorated black band
Customised sticker on the band costs
6 chocolates
9 chocolates
4 chocolates

100 HUF
2.790 HUF
3.290 HUF
ask for our offer

Customers usually choose it as welcome or goodbye-presents for various events such as weddings or conferences.

Mini doboz

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Tasting packets

Priceing by weight (per 100 gram basis).
One piece weights about 7-9 gram.

3.490 HUF


Chocolates by your choice in transparent bags. Closed with zangio stickers.



16 db trüffel: narancs karamell, málna, passiógyümölcs, pikáns fűszeres (kb. 240 g)

10.580 HUF


Egyedi gyártású, 15 * 15 cm-es kemény tartású doboz díszpapírból hajtogatva, rajta a kakaógyümölcs grafikája. Zárása arany logós papírszalaggal. A szürke és bordó elemek kombinálhatók egymással.

Nagy trüffeles doboz

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Kis doboz trüffelekkel

9 db trüffelgolyó (kb. 130 g)

5.590 HUF


Egyedi gyártású 10 * 10 cm-es doboz díszpapírból ragasztva és hajtogatva. Zárása ragasztómatricával történik.

Kis trüffeles dobozok

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Trüffelek átlátszó tasakokban

A hosszúkás tasakokba maximum 11 darab golyó kerülhet. 1 db golyó ára

475 HUF



5 pcs. of choco-stics spreaded with hazelnut or freezy-dried raspberry in transparent bag. Closed with staple and zangio sticker.

650 HUF


Hot chocolate in bag

7 portion hot chocolate in bag. 224 g

2.590 HUF

Doesn’t contain gluten or milk fragments. One portion (32 g) contains: 20,5 g cocoa mass, 11,5 g sugar, from that 5 g fruit sugar.
Recipe: 2 humped tbs powder into 160 ml milk (soy or rice milk). Heat up to 80°C or 176°F . Don’t boil. Stir well, use milk foamer.

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Vásárlási utalvány

Beváltható a kiállítást követő 6. hónap végéig.

Vásárlási utalvány

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Chocolate boxes

Inner packages made of light-colored paper, closed with black and gold zangio stickers. Also including a list of the chocolates.


The boxes are signed according to your request. Customization is also available. Greater volumes can be ordered with simple, generic packaging.

Transportation and the price of large orders is subject to separate agreements based upon volume, distance, and frequency. Ask for an offer.

We are also prepared to hold presentations, either in our workshop or at your place. In approximately 60 minutes, we introduce cocoa and chocolate-making, while our chocolates and raw materials may be tasted. For the latter, a temperature between 21-23 degrees Celsius and sufficient amount of drinking water is needed.

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