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Phone: +36 30 922 0370


Our shop is situated at Pest side of Budapest next to the Grand Synagogue, 6, Wesselényi str. opposite to the garden of the Synagouge.
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Open: Mo-Fr 12.00 noon - 7.00 pm Sa-Su closed
Zangio chocolats are available at Hegyvidék Shopping Mall at Delizia Gourmet.
Address: 1124 Budapest, Apor Vilmos tér 11-12. -1. floor 7.
Pre-ordered chocolates may be collected at our shop and at our worksop in Budakeszi.
Our chocolate workshop may be visited at an agreed-upon time at the Zangio chocolaterie
(Budakeszi, 6 Szanatórium str. – turn right at the first bus stop from Budapest’s direction)
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